Marta Hristea: going back to the roots with Anton Pann – Jazzycolors 2012

Samedi 10 novembre 2012 à 20h | Concert « Spitalul Amorului » (L’Hôpital de l’Amour), dans le cadre du Festival International de jazz Jazzycolors 2012


Marta HristeaWhat means Love Hospital projet for you ?

After so many years of singing in English language I am happily back to roots. I was born in Bucharest, I grew up in Bucharest and the music of Anton Pann is part of that – regardless of the many layers of other sounds and music trends I assimilated ever since. Even if Pann published his collected songs around 150 years ago the influence on popular music was tremendous. Together with George Dumitriu I will try to give some of those songs a new life, vibe, updated, « 2012 ».

Did you have other concerts in Paris in your career? Is this Jazzycolors concert special in any way?

Although I visited Paris many times this is actually my first concert here. It is very cool to be part of this festival, in the company of so many prestigious names like Adam Pieronczyk, Mario Laginha or Kalle Kalima.

What are your plans for the future? Where else do you travel with Love Hospital?

It is quiet at the moment on the agenda of « Spitalul amorului ». Until next January when we hope to properly record the material. I am at the moment a full time mom – not that anyone would be interested in this but for me it is damn exciting, at times more exciting than music.

You have had a long-lasting collaboration with Green Hours, one of the oldest cultural places of Bucharest. What do you think of their jazz programme?

When in Bucharest, you should come to Green Hours, my favourite jazz club where you can see what’s going on in the Romanian capital. Wear a gas mask, there’s smoke for a horse to choke in there, but they’ve got most interesting music and theater.


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